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HR Mentor Programs

Does anyone know of any HR mentor programs or individuals/groups that provide senior mentorship to HR professionals in the CNY or Mohawk Valley area?

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HR Metrics

I'm looking for some advice /recommendation in regards to what other companies use for HR metrics tied to a balanced scorecard. We are a small company that has aggressive growth goals. There is certainly a lot to measure such as turnover, revenue per employee etc., and I know metrics should be tied to corporate goals, so I am just looking for an idea of what other companies find valuable to measure. Thank you!

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Advice Needed on job accommodation

I have a RN who is required to take call a few times a month after hours. ( Home care Company) She has been employed here for years. Just recently she was brought to our attention that she cannot hear her phone while sleeping without her hearing aids. She has missed several calls from our answering service. This is a requirement of the job and we cannot take her off the on call schedule due to limited nurses. Can we let her go?

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Certification Study Groups

Are there any existing Certification Study Groups?  Does anyone want to connect with fellow members to study? 

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Best Practice - Goal Setting For Sales Employees - Leave Time

Looking for best practice in regards to goal setting for sales employees. If sales employees are out on any type of leave, we have not reduced the annual goal for sales employees.  However, we are now rethinking that position.  Employee who may be going out on a leave (i.e. FMLA - preganancy, birth of a child) have now requested a reduced annual sales goal for 2018. The challenge is that when we develop our sales goal for the following year, we take the goal and divide it amongst the total sales force, so if we were to reduce that goal for certain employees we don’t have a plan on how we could still achieve our annual goal.  What do you do?....Any input and thoughts are appreciated!! 

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Please let us know your place of employment and what holidays are observed each year.  

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